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We design to maximise space, create a stunning impression and meet the day to day needs of Workspace Planning.

Workspace Planning & Optimisation

Space planning has proven to be an essential part of every project. Many people overlook planning part, by moving straight to the redesigning stage. There’s no doubt that office planning can be a challenging and daunting task.

However, planning can easily fix cramped workplaces and transform them into spacious areas. That is just one of the benefits which far outweigh the problems that occur when you ignore planning.

Hub WorkSpaces focuses on increasing the usage of the available office space. That is achieved by reordering furniture placement and replacing it with a new one. That also applies to work with entirely new working areas.

We always take extra time to make sure that our designs have been carefully thought out. We always try to avoid poor planning. The reason is that it often proves to be inefficient in one way or another. Moreover, poor design can bring both financial and ergonomic issues to the clients.

So, how do we do it? 

Our primary focus is on simplicity, efficiency, and proportion. Many companies think that cramming up a place with exotic furniture makes it better. On the contrary, being able to combine simple furniture and decor is where the answer lies.

Expert Office Planning simplicity, efficiency, and proportion.

However, this is not the only thing that ensures proper planning. Accurately assessing the state of the office/workplace is just as important. In respect to that remark, we’ve assembled a team of highly trained professionals who can do just that.

Our office interior designers can analyse the targeted property and adjust the planning process. We do the necessary fixes following the available elements.

These elements include:

● Enclosed and open spaces
● Space and storage specific requirements
● Refreshment, kitchen, and lounge areas
● Places for potential expansion in the future
● Working relations between the workers and team members

The Process of Planning

The first step to each plan begins with you, our client. Right from the start, our highly trained designers make sure that they ask enough questions. It’s crucial to complete that step before moving on to the actual realisation of the project. Why? 

Because it gives our office designers a good understanding of the general office needs. Later on, it eases the process of applying their extensive expertise to solve problems.

The next step is determining the functional needs of your workplace. These refer to many functions that need to get executed within the targeted space. Some of them, for example, include specific tasks, meetings, lunch.

Working to Budgets

The final step is, of course, creating the right budget that will be able to cover everything. We take into consideration the scale of the project, different types of furniture, furniture dealers, moving expenses, all incorporated into the plan.

There is so much more than you should consider besides these factors. Only a few are mentioned to illustrate the whole process. What you need to know is that there are professionals who are dealing with each step of the planning process. Our workers think about these features so that you wouldn’t have to!

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