We are an all in one solution for office refurbishment in the business industry.

Our Services Overview

We are one of the leading providers when it comes to office refurbishment and office fit-out services. As such, we have developed a full set of quality services.

Whether you’re someone who needs a single room or a whole building refurbished, you needn’t look further. In the following section, we’ll provide a brief overview of each of our services.

What We Offer

Office Space Design – We provide space design services concerning the mentioned requirements. What that means is that our proposals are made to meet the unique wishes of our clients. 

We can produce various concept drawings (including 3D visualisations). That way, we ensure that we know what our clients want. Once we have an idea, we realise it by implementing our relevant knowledge regarding space design.

Workspace Planning – We understand that each project has to start with an appropriate plan. That’s why we offer our space planning services to our clients. Our team closely listens to the clients. 

They make sure that they memorise and work on each little detail. Such details, for example, include seating arrangements, specific furniture wishes, lighting options. We offer free consultations to our potential clients. That way, we hope to aid them further in that regard.

Fit-Out Office Refurbishment – Our company works on providing all the necessary equipment and final decorations to our clients. With our fit-out service, you don’t have to deal with different designers. 

We will assign a dedicated Manager who will work individually on your project. We’ll handle everything by keeping each partner updated.

Office Relocation – Hub WorkSpaces ensures that it provides the right removal services as well. These services include professional workers, right packing materials, and safe vehicles. 

We guarantee that our clients won’t lose their valuables during the relocation process. The service is cost efficient and effective. With our resources and experience, the removal of business offices is as safe as it can be.

Additional Services

Project Management – We always like to plan for each project. That includes making a detailed plan for each future procedure. Moreover, that allows us to set goals and timescales. These are useful because they help us with daily arrangements. 

It’s quite common to encounter problems during the planning process. Our workers specialise themselves in finding the potential risks. To avoid these problems, we make sure that we consult and work closely with our client at all times.

Aftercare Services – Since we know how difficult settling into a new space can be, we offer our maintenance services as well. What that means is that we prevent your place from being worn out. Moreover, we effectively increase the performance of the workplace. 

That gets done by carrying out all the necessary tweaks under your maintenance contract. Our maintenance team knows how to do things correctly. Therefore, you can rest assured that the office is in good hands.

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We have separate sections for each of these services available on the website. If you want to know more about them, head over there. Whether you’re someone who is in need of a particular service or the whole ‘’package’’, we have what you seek.

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