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Create a stunning impression and increase the original value of your office space with our Fit-Out Office Refurb Service

Fit-Out Office Refurb Service

Whether you’re renovating your old or a brand new working environment, it goes without saying that you require professional aid. 

Our company emphasises the importance of working with our clients to meet their needs and requirements. ‘’Hub WorkSpaces’’ has an experienced team of highly trained professionals who have more than 20 years of designing experience.

That said, we offer a wide array of renovating services on different levels. You might be wondering what do we mean by ‘’different levels’’? Since there are many services, materials, and products that we use while renovating, we categorised them.

Therefore, there are two primary fit-out categories (or levels if you will). The first category serves as a basis that will provide the foundation for the second one. It’s more suitable for new spaces as it deals with the essential elements.

The first category includes:
● Floor coverings
● Mechanical things (such as air conditioners and lighting)
● Wall finishes and decorations
● Suspended ceilings

Furthermore, the second category shapes up what has been done before and increases the original value of the space. Moreover, it deals with the functionality of the office rather than its appearance.

The second category includes:
● Audiovisual and networking services
● Partitioning systems (room dividers)
● Flooring
● Separated offices
● Solutions related to new furniture and storage space
● Spaces for cooking and eating (canteens, staff areas, kitchens)
● General joinery
● Window finishes
● Blockwork & Plastering

Every Office Refurbishment is Individual

Keep in mind that our company does not follow latest industry trends blindly. Therefore, we use a set of skills with the intent of creating unique working spaces. That refers to any business. Before we start refurbishing a particular area, we always consult with our planning and project management teams.

What that means is that we never advise our clients what to buy or how to do things. Instead, we always operate based on their personal preferences and wishes. In return, we get a satisfied customer. That is all that matters to us.

Also, our network of product suppliers is quite extensive. We can request help from our support network. It means that we can obtain all the necessary things for the best environment.

How We Operate

Our company uses and trains a decent number of highly experienced individuals. Each of these operatives gets assigned to their relevant teams. We have a separate interior design, external manufacturing, and logistics teams.

That is our way of knowing that the operating model works as intended. The sole intention behind it is to reduce the exposure to potential risks and issues. As a result, we have greater control over our services when it comes to designing a workplace.

If you’re in need of some office fit-out refurbishing, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can either ask for basic renovating or a more complex one. 

Whichever you choose, we can help you in that regard. You can reach our team of professionals and present your ideas and requirements. We always do our best to answer each question and even provide additional information.

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